Pool Equipment Install

Pools can be a beautiful asset to enjoy at a home, but to keep it beautiful it needs filtration and sanitation. A basic pool equipment set consists of the following:

  • Timer- A pool timer gives the homeowner the convenience of setting the equipment to turn on and turn off when wanted.
  • Pool Pump- Pool pumps pull in water from the pool and spa to the equipment to be filtered and sanitized.
  • Pool Filter- A pool filter can be one of the many models and sizes which will catch the dirt and debris from the pool and spa.
  • Chlorinator- The pool chlorinator does just that. These sanitize the water after it is filtrated before the water returns to the pool.

Sounds simple right? It is simple. Those are the components to a standard pool equipment set. There are more options however with their specified benefits available that we can install for you.



Technology is amazing even when it comes to pool equipment. To date there are a handful of upgrades you can take advantage and have installed with your pool equipment.

  • Eco Friendly Pool Pumps- Variable Speed Pool Pumps are a great thing to have installed which would be set to run certain hours at different horse powers so you will save on energy costs.
  • Sand Filter or DE Filter- A sand filter or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter is an option to be installed instead of a cartridge filter. These filters are great as they will catch finer particles out of the water. These filters do not need to be cleaned as frequently as a cartridge filter. Nor do they have a cartridge which can need frequent replacement.
  • Pool Salt Systems- Instead of using chlorine with it’s smell, it’s bleaching capability, and the harm it can cause to your skin and eyes, salt systems are available. A pool salt system is a different chemical agent which still sanitizes your pool water. However a salt system it not as brutal to the swimmers or to the pool as chlorine.
  • Pool Heating- There is a large market for electric pool heating and gas pool heating. Both work great for getting you more use out of your pool every year. Solar pool heaters are also available. They do not however heat efficiently in the winter months.
  • Pool Automation Controls- Technology is amazing including how far it has come in regards to pool equipment. Pool Automation Systems and Controls allow you to operate your pool equipment and features from a remote control or from a mobile device. You can turn features on and off without having to walk outside to the equipment set. You can also turn them on and off from away from home.

So many options! What can we do for you?

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