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Pool School- Answering the How Do I’s with Your Pool

Who would have thought water chemistry would be so complex? Who would have thought that operating and maintaining your pool and pool equipment could be so complicated?

All you need though is some pool schooling! Our educated technicians can come out and evaluate your pool and equipment system and then give you a personalized walk you through step by step for how your individual pool equipment system should be operated, watched, and maintained. Every pool system is different with dozens of different installations and different variables so going to the pool store or asking for guidance from someone who has never seen your system design and components before can end up being misleading.

Call us today. For a  $150 flat rate  we send an expert out to do a full equipment inspection and evaluation of your system and they take the time needed to make sure you know your system inside and out. They also advise you on your system how to add chemicals as necessary for maintain your water clarity. That way you are ready and know how to care for your system best saving you wasted time, money, and aggravation.

 We are glad to help! Let us know what we can do for you!