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Pavers! Driveways, Sidewalks, & Decks

Another great product and service Pool Pros offers is travertine and pavers.

Brick Pavers and Stone Travertine Pavers are always great choices for elegant home style. With them there are tons of options when having them installed.travertine-entry

There is a wide variety of color choices, travertine and paver sizes, travertine and paver shapes, and pattern layouts.

One of the biggest benefits of pavers is the ability to repair a section of the area as needed and the ability along with that to keep a uniform look.

For example, people who have a concrete deck often get cracks in the deck. You can fill the cracks, but then they still stand out like a sore thumb. So then you paint or stain the cracked areas to try to blend it with the rest. The old coloring with new coloring may blend together more but will still stand out. So then you end up staining the entire deck with several coats of the same color or darker color to get the uniform look or you pay to have your deck re-textured and then you can choose whichever new color stain your heart desires. 

However when it comes to pavers, if a paver cracks you can simply remove it and lay a new paver there which will match with the others as though it was there all along.

It is important however to install a professional and do your research to know that your pavers whether brick or stone are being installed correctly.

For example, did you know…

Paver areas also provide a great amount of design for the homeowner. The various colors and pattern layouts give more design than a concrete deck ever could.

We can install pavers or travertine as patios, driveways, pool decks, or sidewalks. Tell us your vision and we can let you know how we can bring it to life for you.

If you are interested in pavers or travertine and considering it for your next renovation call us.

We can provide you with a free estimate, guide you through design to get the look you like best, and create a beautiful area you will enjoy for many years to come.