Pool Leak Detection and Repair

A leak in your pool is a leak in your wallet. Let's get that fixed for you!
A leak in your pool is a leak in your wallet. Let’s get that fixed for you!

Having a leak in your pool is only the beginning of pool troubles. Pool maintenance and water clarity becomes difficult and expensive to the pool owner whom has a pool leak. You can keep pouring and adding chemicals to your pool but it is like pouring them down the drain as the chemically treated water is lost through the leak and in the meantime you keep having to constantly refill your pool with water diluting the chemicals remaining more and more.

Having a pool leak also puts your pool equipment at risk with the probability of air entering the lines and causing damage to your equipment and plumbing and can also cause your pool pump to run dry. Therefore, you may end up with a high repair bill.

It is best to catch a leak early on and have it found and repaired. We get asked all the time how to find a pool leak. It is not easy by any means which is why we suggest having it done by a trained professional. We here with Pool Pros of Pasco will first send you instructions how to bucket test a pool leak simply on your own to determine for sure if you need leak detection and repair.


Do you have an obvious pool crack in the pool structure and are losing water?  Have it repaired with titanium staples and foam injection.

Click here for more information on pool crack repair and our demonstrational video.


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