Pool Crack Repair from Sinkholes & Settlement

Here in the Tampa Bay area we are surrounded by ground movement and voids or Sinkholes as they are commonly known as. The state of Florida and the insurance companies are at wits end about all the large claims they are losing money covering due to sinkholes. But hey, that is what we pay our insurance premiums for right?

Homeowners are getting cracks in their foundations, in their walls, and in their pools. A pool crack often causes a large loss of constant water and thus also a loss of chemicals and a big loss of the homeowners money! Leak repair can be done, but crack leak repair is in it’s own ball game and even some of the sinkhole repair companies do not realize this. View the video below of a homeowner who had a sinkhole claim and the company hired to repair his deck and pool just refinished over the pool which covered the crack for a very short while.

Watch Below:

 If your pool has a crack, you now know to make sure the proper company who is knowledgeable and experienced to handle a pool crack is a MUST!

Don’t let just anybody go in and do what they believe is needed, seek a professional. Especially if you are spending the cost and having the pool refinished. You do not want to have the pool refinished and look beautiful, but shortly after be right back where you started. Be in the know!

Pool Pros of Pasco LLC is here to advise you and make sure you are handled the right way. We repair pool cracks and pool leaks. We can steer you in the right direction and get you taken care of.