Paver Special Touches

Pavers are great in that you can customize your look in numerous ways to create your own personal preference and style. Many decks currently start off with a variation of textures and colors, but pavers are flexible so that you can make one gorgeous uniform look. Pool Pros of Pasco goes a step further when pavering a pool deck to continue the uniformity all the way around in that we offer another option. Most of us currently have a plastic skimmer lid that sits on our pool deck as an access to the skimmer of the pool. Majority of people with pavers already around their pool still have this same plastic lid that may be white or tan in color. Pool Pros however offers our paver customers for a low low cost to you to customize a special lid to keep the beautiful flow of the pavers making your deck even more special and uniform. See an example below.

What customized beautiful look can Pool Pros create for you?