Kool Deck vs Acrylic Decking- A Change in Trend

It used to be that every ceiling inside a home was covered with what they called popcorn texture. Nowadays Spanish Lace ceiling texture has come in with a boom that provides a more elegant look to a room and is easy to clean or repaint when needed without popcorn breaking off and making a mess. It also used to be that every pool deck looked almost the same because everyone relied on the same material, Kool Deck. In fact, if your pool deck was installed before the early 1980s, it  probably was topped Kool Decking with a white or off white color.Today, homeowners are making the switch and new home builders are building pool decking with Acrylic. Acrylic  Texture Pool Decking has become more popular because it is very customizable to match your style preference in that their are designs and styles you can add and because this type of deck is stained. The color choice is nearly unlimited so you can match whatever your heart desires. Decks can be transformed to every customer’s individual style and color preference. Oh, and just to throw in an added bonus, Acrylic Decking is also much easier to maintain because of it’s stain resistance qualities whereas if you have had Kool Decking before you know how difficult it can be to keep clean. Be sure to watch our short acrylic video below just to show you the way the acrylic texture looks.