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Q: How long should I run my filter?

A: There are several thing to consider when determining how long your pool should run for. On average a pool should run for 6 to 10 hours in the fall and winter and 8 to 12 hours in the Spring and Summer.
During the hottest months of the year, your pool needs to run long enough for all the water in your pool to run through your filtration equipment 2 times.
Our technicians set time clocks for our customers according to the season and our experience.

Q: Do I ever need to remove  my automatic pool cleaner?

A: If your pool uses your skimmer suction line to run an automatic cleaner it is recommended that you only run the automatic cleaner on an as needed basis for optimum circulation.If your pool was built with an additional wall suction line you may run the cleaner as you like.

Q: My valves are so difficult to turn and I am never sure if I am even turning the valves that I need to. Is there an easier way?

A: Yes! Your pool and spa are meant to be a luxury for you not an annoyance or chore.With advances in technology, there are automation systems that we can install o yor system that will allow you to change the functions of your pool, spa, and heater with the simple touch of a remote button similar to working a television with a remote. There are automation systems from simple to complex and low budget to no budget. Contact us for a free estimate today and we will give you all the options.

Q: I think my pool may have a leak, but how can I be sure without paying for testing?

A: The bucket test is a simple and accurate way to know if you have a pool leak.

  1. Fill the pool to the normal water level.
  2. Place a 5 gallon bucket on the second step of the pool and fill with enough water to match the level of the pool water.
  3. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
  4. Turn off the pump and also mark the water level on the outside of the bucket.
  5. Turn the pump back on and allow i to run for 24 hours.
  6. After 24 hours, compare the pool water level to the water level inside the bucket.

If the two levels are different, call us to have a leak specialist come dive test and patch your leak so you don’t let anymore of your money seep out of you pool.

Q: Is it okay for me to drain my pool?
A: Many people do not know that they should never drain their pool. A fiberglass or concrete pool can pop out of the ground under certain circumstances if drained, and a pool with a vinyl liner can shrink up and destroy the liner within a matter of hours. Draining a pool should always be evaluated and performed by a professional.

Q: How can I heat my pool in the winter months without spending a fortune?

A: Chek out a post we wrote for you just to answer that question!