Back to School- Pool School


Some residential swimming pools you see may look a lot like others, but often times even if they are the same size or shape they have numerous differing factors. The differences can be found in the pool equipment, the structural design, the broad variety of pool features that pool builders may place on one pool but not another. The idea here is that your pool is unique!

So while you can ask an industry professional about caring for your pool or try to find out about operating your pool, chances are they will not know without actaully seeing your pool!

That is why Pool Pros of Pasco offers customized and individualized pool school. One of our trained professionals can come out to you at your pool to evaluate your specific pool specifications and operating systems and then train you one on one how to operate your pool and system.

This knowledge is how equipment problems and failures can be prevented. This knowledge will also add more life to your pool and equipment because you will know how to properly care for your pool and your pool’s individual needs.

The benefits are not over yet. Our technician can also guide you will pool chemistry, chemical proper application and proper dosages. Chemical needs and application can vary from one pool to another as well. We want you to be best equipped for your pool’s individual needs and care instruction.

Call us today and let’s get you back in school.

Pool Storm Care

This time of year, we are getting a lot of storms in Florida from heavy rains and wind to tropical storms to hurricanes. Of course during these times homeowners move their belongings inside their home for safety, but what do you do with your pool which cannot be moved?

Pool Pros of Pasco wants you to be prepared, ready, and knowledgeable to help you care for your luxury. Read below for recommendations for before and after the storm.


  • Should I drain my pool?


A BIG NO! Believe it or not, your pool needs a good amount of water to weigh it down and keep it in the ground. Oh yes, if you have not heard of pool popping, it is a real life situation which many pool owners do not know about. When your neighborhood gets heavy rain the water table rises and can push your drained pool right out of the ground. So only let a Pool Pro evaluate your area and drain your pool if needed.

  • Should I lower the water level in my pool?

If your pool was built with the proper drains and the area is properly drained then you should not need to remove any water from your pool.

On the other hand, if your surrounding area has a tendency to build up water before it can run off, then you can drain your pool 1-2 feet before a storm to prevent flooding and water damage to your surrounding property.

Many people do not have a pool backwaash line for times they want to drain water from their pool away from the equipment and house. If you do not, Pool Pros can install one for you.

  • Should I chemically treat the pool before a storm?

Yes. Pool Pros recommends shocking a pool or super chlorinating a pool before and after a storm. The heavy fresh water that has now been added to your pool has diluted your chemicals.

  • Should I leave the pool equipment power on?

Pool Pros recommends that you turn your pool power off at the breaker before a heavy storm. If you are in a high risk flood zone and your electrical equipment is not elevated, disconnection and removal may be a good idea. Just remember as soon as the storm passes to restore power to the pool for regular operation and maintenance. When you do so, be sure that all electrical equipment is dry. If you are reconnecting equipment, make sure the breaker is still off before doing so.

  • Should I worry about my screen enclosure?

If a severe windstorm or hurricane is passing through, it may be advised to upon the screen doors to allow wind passage or remove one screen on each side to be replaced after the storm passes.

  • Should I put my patio furniture in my pool?

Pool Pros knows many a people who do this. However it can damage the pool or the chemicals can damage the furniture put into the pool. If you have somewhere else to move the furniture to that is recommended foremost. If not, be sure to carefully place the furnituire in the pool. Do not toss it in or let it land wherever it falls.

  • How should I remove debris from my pool?

If you get a lot of debris in your pool after a storm, you can call a Pool Pro to cleanup the pool for you properly. If you wish to do it yourself. Use a pool net to scoop most of it out instead of a regular pool vacuum. Using a regular pool vacuum can clog your impeller and pump.

Pool Crack Repair from Sinkholes & Settlement

Here in the Tampa Bay area we are surrounded by ground movement and voids or Sinkholes as they are commonly known as. The state of Florida and the insurance companies are at wits end about all the large claims they are losing money covering due to sinkholes. But hey, that is what we pay our insurance premiums for right?

Homeowners are getting cracks in their foundations, in their walls, and in their pools. A pool crack often causes a large loss of constant water and thus also a loss of chemicals and a big loss of the homeowners money! Leak repair can be done, but crack leak repair is in it’s own ball game and even some of the sinkhole repair companies do not realize this. View the video below of a homeowner who had a sinkhole claim and the company hired to repair his deck and pool just refinished over the pool which covered the crack for a very short while.

Watch Below:

 If your pool has a crack, you now know to make sure the proper company who is knowledgeable and experienced to handle a pool crack is a MUST!

Don’t let just anybody go in and do what they believe is needed, seek a professional. Especially if you are spending the cost and having the pool refinished. You do not want to have the pool refinished and look beautiful, but shortly after be right back where you started. Be in the know!

Pool Pros of Pasco LLC is here to advise you and make sure you are handled the right way. We repair pool cracks and pool leaks. We can steer you in the right direction and get you taken care of.

Consider these when Planning a Pool Remodel

Unless you had your home built for you before moving in or you bought a home and had a pool constructed for you, then you are in the same boat as most Florida homeowners in that the design and look of your pool and pool area was suited to somebody else’s taste. Not only that, but the pool may be some 30 years old, it may be outdated, it may have stains or areas where paint of finish has chipped or worn away, or it may be in decorated in the colors or designs that you detest.

You are not the only one, and you are not stuck with what you have! Pool Pros of Pasco LLC has a finish crew and a deck crew whom when put together can provide you with limitless options with YOU being the designer!

Here are a couple things to consider…

  1. Do you like the color and type of your pool finish?- The color hue of your pool water is affected by the color of the pool finish on your pool. Bluestone is common finish selection because it causes your water to appear blue and refreshing. But there is also a green hue you can have for more of the look of seawater which someone may want if they have a walk in entrance to give the appearance of the beach. Or there are options like sandstone which leaves the water simply looking clear and natural like when looking through a glass of water. Some people prefer a dark unnatural look by going with a dark blue finish or even a black finish.            You also have to consider the material of finish you choose. Maybe a previous owner fiberglassed over a concrete pool, but you want to go back to concrete because the fiberglassed pooled does not give you the same color options. This can be done through hydroblasting. Or maybe a previous owner drained and painted the pool with pool paint, but you want a stone look with a finish that will last much longer than pool paint. This can be done as well.                               That brings us to the other factor to consider- How long do you want your finish to last before needing another refinish? People commonly go with diamond brite or marquis finishes which can last 10-20 if cared for properly. Other finishes like Pebble Tech can last 3 to 5 times as long when cared for properly. 
  2. Do you like of does your pool tile match your desired look?– When having your pool refinished, you are at the best time to have a different pool tile installed for you as well. There are solid color pool tiles, but usually pool tile is where people add in flair for their pool and it is usually the piece of design that sets the entire look.  Pool tile can also often be the determining piece for the color and type of finish you choose and the color and type of decking you choose as well. Many people like to go with a theme for their pool area. Whether it be dolphins or diamonds or they even have a cowboy themed tile line. You name it and they have something for you to fit your taste.     
  3. Do you want to add mosaics to your pool? – The only time you should ever let someone add mosaics to your pool is when you are having your pool refinished. It is the only time to cost effectively add them to the professional level of being completely blended in instead of showing the it was done afterwards like copy and pasting. This is an option with similar features to pool tile described above. In that mosaics often time are placed to accent your pool tile in setting the stage for your overall desired look. They have palm tree mosaics, dolphins, turtles, Hawaiian flowers, and more. You can put little ones on the steps or large ones on the pool floor or walls. Pool mosaics can be great at setting your pool apart from others and making your pool a one of a kind. 
  4. Pool Decking – The last topic of pool area remodeling which is almost limitless is your pool deck. The different option are in the style, the layout, and again, the colors. As far as styles, they tend to go with the time. A lot of deck crews simply do not install the old styles anymore. But there are new beautiful styles you can choose from. Acrylic decking is a common choice. Acrylic decking involves the crew spraying a texture on your deck and then staining it the color of your choice. That is where your limitless option comes in again. The benefit of this staining process is that in the old days decks were painted. These painted decks would age and get worn down and you would then have the paint start peeling off in chunks leaving a very patchy looking deck. Being that acrylic is stained, you will not come across this problem because it actually is absorbed to become the color of the deck not a color placed on top of the deck. The other range of option with acrylic is that there is decorative acrylic.  This is where the expert can apply multiple colors of stain you choose in a uniformed manner to make it look like you have a tile deck, paver deck, stone deck, and more. This is why acrylic is so popular. There are so many options to mix and match your preferences to customize the look you want. Another common choice is pavers. Pavers have the benefit of being able to replace areas as needed. Other decks can develop cracks from age and ground movement. When this occurs the cracks have to be filled, the deck leveled, and the area reworked to match the existing deck. But with pavers cracks hardly ever occur because the deck is flexible in that is it many smaller pieces of decking so there is nowhere for the crack to go. In the case that a paver cracks by something being dropped on it or something of that nature, a paver or area of pavers can be removed and replaced without having to have the whole deck redone in order to regain a uniformed look. Pavers also come in a variety of colors and shapes to meet your individual desired preference.

All in all, with all the options and pros and cons of the deciding factors, for the ABOSLUTE BEST OUTCOME be sure to hire a Pool Professional to guide you through your pool remodeling experience. They are the ones with the knowledge and experience of taking the different factors of remodeling and joining them together for a uniformed complete look.

When to Refinish Your Swimming Pool?

Some of the signs that homeowners should look for that would indicate that now is about the time for them to consider re-plastering their swimming pool would be:

  • With the plaster you’ll probably start to notice – the first thing you’ll notice is as you and your friends and family are using the pool, the bottom’s starting to feel a little rough; more like sandpaper than the old, slick and smooth interior finish.
  • You’ll notice some staining and discoloration.
  • Some delamination’s occurring where you’re getting spots that are actually popping off where you’re seeing the raw Gunite or shotcrete underneath of there.
  • And then of course some people decide it’s just time for a facelift; like to change the color and that’s another reason as well that people decide to resurface their pool.

For folks that are considering or believe to be ready to go and make the plunge right now to go and re-plaster, there are several things you should look for when choosing a company to do the work for you.

Make sure you’re having your pool resurfaced is to get it done by a reputable company that’s done a lot of whatever products you decide to use. The main thing with doing a resurfacing project is it’s much like painting your house. About 80% of the work is in the prep and then about 20% is in the application of the actual product. Look for references or have them show you the processes that they take and of course the products that they use.

What specific things happen during the prepping process?

The way contractors prep a pool for resurface is they go in and chip out around your fittings and underneath your tiles about two to five inches so the new plaster will come in and flow flush with those fittings and tiles. And then they’ll apply what’s called a bond coat over the existing plaster or finish, and that’ll give the new product a better surface to adhere to so it’ll stick to that existing surface. Many contracotrs skip the bond coating even though it is very important. It is like painting a black wall white with no primer. The bond coat is the primer, so make sure whom you hire includes that step.

Is there a typical life expectancy on the concrete pools when it comes to needing to re-plaster?

With concrete pools the plaster – most cement based plasters, whether it’s a Marcite, a plaster or a quartz based finish, they usually come with a one to three year warranty. And as long as you keep your water chemistry right, they can easily last eight to ten years. Now if you don’t use a product and keep your pH in balance, those pools can easily deteriorate right after that three to four year warranty period. With the concrete pools, as well, if you have a pebble type of finish, generally they come with a longer warranty and they’re going to last a lot longer. You’re going to pay a little more for them up front, but generally the pebble comes with either a ten or fifteen year warranty. And realistically, unless you want to change the color of your pebble finish, that’s going to stay with you, you know, a good 15 or 20 years.