Back to School- Pool School


Some residential swimming pools you see may look a lot like others, but often times even if they are the same size or shape they have numerous differing factors. The differences can be found in the pool equipment, the structural design, the broad variety of pool features that pool builders may place on one pool but not another. The idea here is that your pool is unique!

So while you can ask an industry professional about caring for your pool or try to find out about operating your pool, chances are they will not know without actaully seeing your pool!

That is why Pool Pros of Pasco offers customized and individualized pool school. One of our trained professionals can come out to you at your pool to evaluate your specific pool specifications and operating systems and then train you one on one how to operate your pool and system.

This knowledge is how equipment problems and failures can be prevented. This knowledge will also add more life to your pool and equipment because you will know how to properly care for your pool and your pool’s individual needs.

The benefits are not over yet. Our technician can also guide you will pool chemistry, chemical proper application and proper dosages. Chemical needs and application can vary from one pool to another as well. We want you to be best equipped for your pool’s individual needs and care instruction.

Call us today and let’s get you back in school.