Pool Storm Care

This time of year, we are getting a lot of storms in Florida from heavy rains and wind to tropical storms to hurricanes. Of course during these times homeowners move their belongings inside their home for safety, but what do you do with your pool which cannot be moved?

Pool Pros of Pasco wants you to be prepared, ready, and knowledgeable to help you care for your luxury. Read below for recommendations for before and after the storm.


  • Should I drain my pool?


A BIG NO! Believe it or not, your pool needs a good amount of water to weigh it down and keep it in the ground. Oh yes, if you have not heard of pool popping, it is a real life situation which many pool owners do not know about. When your neighborhood gets heavy rain the water table rises and can push your drained pool right out of the ground. So only let a Pool Pro evaluate your area and drain your pool if needed.

  • Should I lower the water level in my pool?

If your pool was built with the proper drains and the area is properly drained then you should not need to remove any water from your pool.

On the other hand, if your surrounding area has a tendency to build up water before it can run off, then you can drain your pool 1-2 feet before a storm to prevent flooding and water damage to your surrounding property.

Many people do not have a pool backwaash line for times they want to drain water from their pool away from the equipment and house. If you do not, Pool Pros can install one for you.

  • Should I chemically treat the pool before a storm?

Yes. Pool Pros recommends shocking a pool or super chlorinating a pool before and after a storm. The heavy fresh water that has now been added to your pool has diluted your chemicals.

  • Should I leave the pool equipment power on?

Pool Pros recommends that you turn your pool power off at the breaker before a heavy storm. If you are in a high risk flood zone and your electrical equipment is not elevated, disconnection and removal may be a good idea. Just remember as soon as the storm passes to restore power to the pool for regular operation and maintenance. When you do so, be sure that all electrical equipment is dry. If you are reconnecting equipment, make sure the breaker is still off before doing so.

  • Should I worry about my screen enclosure?

If a severe windstorm or hurricane is passing through, it may be advised to upon the screen doors to allow wind passage or remove one screen on each side to be replaced after the storm passes.

  • Should I put my patio furniture in my pool?

Pool Pros knows many a people who do this. However it can damage the pool or the chemicals can damage the furniture put into the pool. If you have somewhere else to move the furniture to that is recommended foremost. If not, be sure to carefully place the furnituire in the pool. Do not toss it in or let it land wherever it falls.

  • How should I remove debris from my pool?

If you get a lot of debris in your pool after a storm, you can call a Pool Pro to cleanup the pool for you properly. If you wish to do it yourself. Use a pool net to scoop most of it out instead of a regular pool vacuum. Using a regular pool vacuum can clog your impeller and pump.