Pool Heating Tips

Here in Florida residents are fortunate in that a pool can easily be used and enjoyed year round. With modern technology, this can be done easily and at a low cost with an energy efficient heater for the cooler months.

In conjunction with your heater check out these pool heating tips shared by Pool FYI to help you Save Money while heating your pool to enjoy year round:

  • Reduce heat loss by using a pool cover. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, savings of 50% – 70% are possible.
  • Fencing, hedges, landscaping, and cabanas that shelter your pool from prevailing winds will further reduce heat loss.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, chances are a new high efficiency gas heater could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.
  • A pool heat pump can save up to 80% in energy usage compared to a gas heater. Check with your pool professional to see if a heat pump is appropriate for your region.
  • If you use your pool only on weekends, reduce your heater or heat pump thermostats settings by eight to ten degrees during the week.
  • When leaving for vacation for more than a week, turn off the pool heater or heat pump, including the pilot light. Please use caution in freezing conditions.
  • According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the American Red Cross, the most healthful swimming temperature is 78 degrees. Reducing your heater or heat pump thermostat to maintain a 78 degree or lower temperature will also help conserve energy.
  • Install a timer or a control system to automate the hours of operation.
  • When reopening your pool, make sure your heater or heat pump is working properly.

If you currently do not have a pool heater, or your heater does not work, or your heater is not energy efficient so is too costly to run, thenĀ contact us today.

We can show you how much enjoyment you can get from your pool year round for just pocket change a day!