Pool Pros of Pasco Gives Back!

Recently several of the employees with Pool Pros of Pasco attended an event in which Warren Barfield was performing. His #1 hit song singing about how love is not a fight but is something worth fighting for. In between songs he told of how he came to write the song and he spoke about a trip he took recently which lead him to join a cause.

He spoke of a boy in a far land he visited on a mission trip who had to walk 3 miles and stand in a waiting line for hours to fill 1 jug of water to return to his family 3 miles back home. That would be like walking 6 miles carrying a milk jug to us.

Really hits home when you invision it. These children go through so much for water. Not only that, but they have little to no food. Parents work so hard to have work and if they are lucky enough to attain food for their families, but they are not making enough to feed themselves and their children.

That is where food for the hungry comes in, and that is where Pool Pros of Pasco comes in and we have sponsored a child thanks to our customers.

Meet Vladimir…

Pool Pros of Pasco is donating monthly to feed Vladimir so he can continue to go to school and his parents can work to gain stability with the peace that their child is provided for.

We don’t want to stop here though. So we are making a charitable fund for the rest of 2012. For every referral customer who contacts us for maintenance service or for a repair or equipment upgrade, Pool Pros will donate $20 in your name to food for the hungry so you too can help this cause simply by spreading the word of our services to others. Also keep in mind, whereas $20 may feed someone for a week if they made it to, it will feed and provide water to a hungry child for almost an entire month.

┬áSo tell me…who do you know who we can service, and how much can we gain to put towards feeding these children helpless and in need?